NBA Playoffs 2018

NBA Playoffs 2018 are upon us.We’ve all been patient and gotten through the 82-game regular season now the real fun begins. The NBA playoffs are going to get exciting really quick, with some intriguing first-round matchups across the board.

The first round starts on Saturday, beginning with the No. 2 Warriors taking on the No. 7 Spurs in a heavyweight Western Conference showdown. Also in the West, the top-seeded Rockets will take on the eighth-seeded Timberwolves, who snapped the NBA’s longest playoff drought. The No. 3 Trail Blazers get the No. 6 Pelicans, while the No. 4 Thunder take on the No. 5 Jazz.

In the Eastern Conference, the No. 1 Raptors face the No. 8 Wizards, the No. 2 Celtics get the No. 7 Bucks, the 3-seed 76ers draw the 6-seed Heat and the fourth-seeded Cavaliers will go up against the No. 5 Pacers.


NBA Playoffs 2018 Schedule
Postseason – Round-1
Date : 14 April – 29 April 2018
Live/Repeat : Live

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NBA Eastern Conference Playoff:

No.1 Toronto Raptors vs No.8 Washington Wizards
Perhaps this is giving too much credit to the team with the best bench in the NBA, and how that bench will affect a playoff series. I don’t think so. The Raptors, despite ending the regular season a mediocre 7-6, are the best team in the East, and by a wide margin. Prediction: Raptors in 5

No.2 Boston Celtics vs No.7 Milwaukee Bucks
Brad Stevens is a genius; Brad Stevens is not a magician. Even if the shorthanded Celtics get past the Bucks, this team is not making the Eastern Conference finals. This will take MVP-level Giannis, but I’m expecting MVP-level Giannis. Prediction: Celtics in 7

No.3 Philadelphia 76ers vs No 6 Miami Heat
A gentleman’s sweep for the hottest team in the NBA. The Sixers have won 16 in a row, the final seven without Joel Embiid. With or without Embiid, the Heat won’t be able to keep up. Prediction: 76ers in 5

No.4 Cleveland Cavaliers vs No.5 Indiana Pacers
LeBron James rarely loses first-round games, but this is not a normal Cavaliers team and the Pacers are better than James’ normal first-round opponents. That Cleveland-Indiana series last year was closer than you remember — yeah, it was a sweep, but every game was close — and the gap between these two teams is smaller now. Prediction: Cavs in 6

NBA Western Conference Playoff:

No.1 Houston Rockets vs No.8 Minnesota Timberwolves
Kudos to the Timberwolves for ending the NBA’s longest playoff drought in dramatic fashion. Now they get to play the best regular-season team in the NBA, the one who smoked the Wolves by an average of 16 points in four games this season, and whose style of play plays right into the Wolves’ worst tendencies. I’m giving the Wolves one win because of Luc Mbah a Moute’s injury. Prediction: Rockets in 5

No.2 Golden State Warriors vs No.7 San Antonio Spurs
Maybe Kawhi Leonard makes some miraculous, unexpected return, plays like an all-world player and this becomes the most intriguing first-round matchup. Maybe the Warriors continue to look downright beatable without Stephen Curry. I’m betting on the team that Vegas still considers the favorite to win it all. Prediction: Warriors in 6

No.3 Portland Trail Blazers vs No.6 New Orleans Pelicans
the Blazers faltered somewhat down the stretch; a 13-game winning streak in February and March turned into a 5-7 end to the regular season. If Anthony Davis can play at an MVP level every single game, this becomes an intriguing series. But that’s asking a lot when Damian Lillard has been playing at an MVP level, and when the Blazers have morphed a defense that was miserable last season into one of the league’s most consistent.Prediction:Blazers in 6

No.4 Oklahoma City Thunder vs No.5 Utah Jazz
The most fascinating first-round matchup. The Jazz have been absolutely unreal since Jan. 22 when they lost to the lowly Atlanta Hawks, ending their regular season on a 29-6 run. There’s not a better defense in the NBA than the Jazz with a healthy Rudy Gobert. And yet the Thunder have Russell Westbrook, and Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony, and Steven Adams. This is the most unpredictable series. Prediction: Jazz in 7.

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